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Willow Walk Townhomes9955 Kemp ForestHouston, TX 77080

What's New at Willow Walk



The controlled access gates have been installed for most of Willow Walk.  All six alley gates are in place and doing a great job reducing the amount of "cut through" traffic we were experiencing.  Each alley gate also has a courtesy pedestrian gate nearby for easy access by Willow Walk residents.  All of these pedestrain access gates are now keyed to match the same key operating the swimming pool gates, tennis court gates, and pool area restrooms.  New keys were necessary because the pool locks were so old.  Be sure to replace your old pool gate key with a newer one.  Work remains on the last Teague Rd. courtyard gate.  This gate must be ADA compliant due to the access ramp.  The configuration had to be changed to allow room for a walker or wheelchair at the top of the ramp.  Additional concrete work is underway with the gate work to follow.  Thanks for your patience!



Please note that documents pertaining to our Homeowners Association have been moved to a new public page on our website labeled "HOA Information, Rules & Regulations."  These documents include our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Covenants & Restrictions, and Rules & Regulations and were previously located in the "Residents Only" section.  We hope they are more easily accessible by all current and future homeowners.



Please be careful and avoid leaving your garage door open.  A Willow Walk resident was recently home during the day working in their garage with the garage door open.  After briefly entering their home they returned to the garage to find a stranger standing inside the garage. The intruder claimed to be looking for work from WW residents and also claimed to have permission from WW security to go door to door.  Such permission would never be given.  Willow Walk is a strictly "no soliciting" community.  Please stay alert for similar incidents.  Alert Larry or Connie immediately if you see anything like this on Willow Walk property.


Spring is here it seems, and with it comes Spring Clean-up at Willow Walk.  We started with the giant tree trimming project to get us ready for summer.  But now the pool is getting some sprucing up, too.  We have new umbrellas, seat cushions and lounge cushions, all to make the pool area brighter and cheerier. The ceiling fans on the back porch will soon be replaced.  And all the metal tables and chairs will get a fresh coat of paint.  Speaking of paint - please note all the wrought iron handrails and decorative fencing throughout Willow Walk are getting sanded, scraped, repaired and ready for a fresh coat of paint, too.  We love our neighborhood and want it to look great!   


As many of you are aware, we are in the process of reviewing our landscaping. Our goal is to overhaul and re-beautify our neighborhood.  We are currently undertaking one courtyard at a time.  You will see some old, dying or dead plants being removed.  Some will be replaced now, while others will be replaced when the weather begins to cool somewhat.  We don't want to plant certain plants now in the heat of summer only to lose a new, replacement plant, too.  As a part of this project, we are also reviewing our irrigation system.  In particular, we are concentrating on length of time the water is on, watering patterns, coverage and sufficiency.  If you see a plant stressed from the hot weather, please consider watering that plant until it is improved and we can get our irrigation review complete.  Every plant we lose that we have to replace costs all of us money. Thanks for your help!

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