Willow Walk Townhomes 9955 Kemp Forest Houston, TX 77080
Willow Walk Townhomes9955 Kemp ForestHouston, TX 77080

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The 2022 Willow Walk Townhomes annual meeting was held on February 3, 2022.  The minutes from the 2021 annual meeting were approved, the proposed 2022 annual budget was approved, a financial overview of 2021 activity and future financial forecast was provided, and two positions on the WW Board of Directors were elected.  Bob Laubenberg was re-elected to a seat, and newcomer Audrey Persch was elected and welcomed to her first term on the Board.  She was elected to fill a vacancy created when Phil Howell did not seek re-election to a seat he previously occupied.  A copy of the financial overview from the meeting is available in the "Residents Only" section of our website along with our regular financial statements.  Thank you to all who attended and those who provided proxies.  These allow us to conduct our business in a timely manner.


2022 Willow Walk budget - proposed
2022 budget - preliminary.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [52.1 KB]



Please note that documents pertaining to our Homeowners Association have been moved to a new public page on our website labeled "HOA Information, Rules & Regulations."  These documents include our Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Covenants & Restrictions, and Rules & Regulations and were previously located in the "Residents Only" section.  We hope they are more easily accessible by all current and future homeowners.



As many of you are aware, we are in the process of reviewing our landscaping. Our goal is to overhaul and re-beautify our neighborhood.  We are currently undertaking one courtyard at a time.  You will see some old, dying or dead plants being removed.  Some will be replaced now, while others will be replaced when the weather begins to cool somewhat.  We don't want to plant certain plants now in the heat of summer only to lose a new, replacement plant, too.  As a part of this project, we are also reviewing our irrigation system.  In particular, we are concentrating on length of time the water is on, watering patterns, coverage and sufficiency.  If you see a plant stressed from the hot weather, please consider watering that plant until it is improved and we can get our irrigation review complete.  Every plant we lose that we have to replace costs all of us money. Thanks for your help!

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Property Management

Creative Management Co.

Christen Kelly 713-772-4420 ext 109




Private Patrol


Constable Frank Salas

Salas Services


911 Emergencies only


713-884-3131 Non-Emergencies


HPD has primary jurisdiction for the Willow Walk area.  Please start with them by calling 911 for any emrgency request.  Our constable patrols monitor HPD dispatch and will respond, often quicker than HPD.  Constables have full statutory authority to arrest for any violation of state law.


Please use this email address to submit vacation watch requests, or to submit photos  or other information that might be needed by the constables.