Willow Walk Townhomes 9955 Kemp Forest Houston, TX 77080
Willow Walk Townhomes9955 Kemp ForestHouston, TX 77080

Light Outages, Work Orders, Landscaping & Repairs

For light outages or other work orders, please report it quickly to Creative Management by either:

     *  email  workorders@cmctx.com  or

     *  calling  713-772-4420 ext. 189



For emergency repairs, please report to:

      *  Creative Management (see above) and also

    *  a Willow Walk Board member for better coordination with the management company.  Since WW Board members are also residents, we can provide a quicker assessment of the problems and coordinate with Creative.



For any Willow Walk related landscaping or other yard work requests, please submit a work order to Creative Management.  Please DO NOT speak with Jose Razo or his workers directly with your requests as this pulls him away from his regularly scheduled Willow Walk activities.  Also, Willow Walk and Creative Management can maintain better scheduling control and management of our landscaping projects when they are initiated through a proper work order.  If you are having personal work performed, please ensure that work does NOT interfere with our regular Thursday and Friday workdays for Willow Walk as this only delays neighborhood-wide maintenance.  Thank you for your understanding.




Willow Walk is fortunate to have a porter on the premises each week to replace non-functioning light bulbs and light sensors in the common areas.  These are the lights that beautify our neighborhood at night and make it safer for all residents and are usually found on the exterior of our homes, on garages in our alleyways, at the entry to our courtyards, high up on a chimney or in the eaves of a home, and around the clubhouse and other common areas.  All Willow Walk residents can make this process function better by reporting any outages as soon as possible.  See email and telephone number listed above.



Other maintenance issues may occasionally require a work order to be submitted. Water leaks and dangerously hanging tree limbs are examples of other issues that should be quickly reported to Creative Management.  However, any repair that appears to be much more immediate in nature should also be reported directly to a Willow Walk board member.  A board member often acts as the "eyes and ears" for Creative when an urgent need arises. Because we live here too, we can often view the issue and report additional information to Creative Management to speed along the repair process.  


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